About Me

모두 안녕 ^^

This is My Profile 😀

Indonesian Name : Dyah Tanzila A. [ DT ]

Korean Name : Kim Son Gye ( 김손계 ) [ Son Gye ( 손계 ) / Gye Sung ( 계 성 ) / Ge ]

Western Name : Alexa Ryana Kim [ Alexa ]

D.O.B : Surabaya – East Java – Indonesia, September 28th 2000

Hobby : Listen to Music, Singing, Photography, Read Books, Watch Film, Traveling, Online etc.

Ideals : Doctor, Photographer or Celebrity



I’m just a girl who love Indonesia of course, Super Junior and Korea. Some people think my behavior like a boy, in Indonesia called ‘tomboy’. I could have three languages ​​namely Indonesian, English and Korean. I love Super Junior very much, my favorite member is Kim Jong Woon [ Yesung ] and Cho Kyuhyun [ Kyuhyun ].

감사합니다 ^^


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